What holiday extras do I need for my holiday?

From as little as a simple shuttle transfer to private boat taxis or even extra luggage. The vast amount of extras you can add onto your holiday is endless; you need to be sure to keep an eye out on what amazing holiday extras you could add to make your next break even better!


Are you the type of person who would prefer to go by car hire? Or do you think chilling in the airport lounges is for you?


Not to worry. With a selection of amazing holiday extras, you should add to each of your adventures, your future holidays will be even better with World Travel Lounge.


When I go away on holiday, from the start I make sure all my holidays include extras now, it’s a great way to save money and ensure the holiday is going to go swiftly. 2020 is now your year to make a change.

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Holiday Shuttle Transfers

Shuttle Transfers

A cheap, affordable and typically fast mode of transport to add as an extra onto your holiday package.


Shuttle transfers often are available with most holiday cases. Compared to other transportation types such as private transfers, air & boat taxis; they have a lower cost price and also a reasonably quick. If you haven't thought about adding a transfer from your airport to the hotel, hotel to an event or anywhere you may desire. Take a look into how helpful this amazing mode of transport may be.


With prices being so low, the shared shuttle transfer often stops at a few hotels, resorts or locations on its path. Taking slightly longer than a private drive, you keep the costs incredibly low along with a great direct taxi to your destination.


If you don't want the large cost, prefer to socialise, enjoy the shuttle experience or just need a quick and cheap ride then definitely consider adding a shuttle transfer onto your holiday extras list for your next trip.

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Private Transfers

Private Transfers

A quick, private, warm/cool and convenient mode of transport.


With incredible time cutting speeds, access to a direct transfer from the airport with the choice of aircon, heat or even further comforts such as leather seats and a larger capacity. Private transfers could be the Holiday Extra you need to add!


Unlike the shuttle transfers, these aren't shared between groups so the price commonly comes in slightly higher however on many occasions it is still an extremely cheap and reasonable choice due to how direct this can be.


Image a taxi within the UK this is what the private transfers are like. This extra bonus makes travelling all-around your holiday so much easier with no stops in between your destination.


Get picked up and taken to the vehicle upon arrival along with guidance to the hotel. Chose a private transfer for the ven further added bonus of ease.

Water Taxi to an island in cartoon
Water Taxi

Water Taxi

A scenic and amazing experience typically for island visits.


Locations in Italy such as Venice typically use this as a main mode of transport. A holiday extra that you wouldn't expect to be added however with a far cheaper price, faster mode of transport and an unforgettable experience. Maybe a water taxi is what you need anyway!


With transports from the airport to the hotel, you can feel the fun and excitement build with many Instagram worthy picture choices.


Shared with other travellers or private, treat it just like your shuttle and private transfers however jetting across the water.


Make the most of your holiday and experience the full deal, cheaper than taxis in the instance of Venice and also far more captivating for your next holiday.

airport lounge cartoon image for holiday extras
Airport Lounge

Airport Lounge

A relaxed premium room for people with exclusive access


Make the most of incredible food, drinks & comfort as you wait for your flight. Once you have experienced a lounge you will never go back. Rather than waiting in the shared areas, you have private spots, access to foods such as breakfast, meats, dinner and snacks.


Don't forget the great choices of drinks, including alcohol. Yes, alcohol.


This holiday extra bonus with airport lounges is seriously a game-changer. Add this extra onto your holiday whilst enjoying the premium experience before your flight.


World Travel Lounge Airport Parking
Airport parking

Airport Parking

Parking is essential before your journey, this is an easy option.


When you get to the part of finding you forgot to add parking on to your holiday, look no further as we can find you the best holiday extra you could wish for. This is essential for all holidays and often overlooked.


Our team are happy to help with sourcing and providing this extra on your holidays making your life that little bit easier and relaxed.


With a range of durations, this can be a more cost-effective method than getting transfers to the airport and a great way to ensure your car, bike or van is safe whilst you kick back and enjoy the sun.


Make sure you consider adding airport parking to your next holiday as an extra and let's get you jetting off sooner than you expect!


So now you know about all the different holiday extras you can add onto your next break, make sure to make the most of it and the team at World Travel Lounge will be more than happy to add this on for you.


Want to find more extras and features to add on your holidays, feel free to call us, message us, email us or visit us in-store.


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