Visit Italy

Spellbinding cities, astonishing architecture and sun-bleached beaches to boot – holidays to Italy are like no other. Enjoy a trip to the romantic hillside towns of Tuscany or discover history-stuffed spots such as Rome and Venice. Whether you’re here to relax in the sun, or soak up some culture, live la dolce vita with a holiday to Italy.


Pick from some amazing locations such as Sorrento, Sardinia, Venice, Lake Garda, Rome, Pisa & so many more, all with incredible holiday deals and offers at great prices.

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Italy highlights

Italy is well known for it's fantastic range of food and drink offerings.


Pizza and pasta play a leading role in all recipes and menus across Italy, but there are many other local specialities to consider in all the country's regions. Tuscany’s noted for its bean dishes and the Po Valley’s known for its rich risottos. Get to know mozzarella, gorgonzola and pecorino, too.


If you're a fan of fine wines you'll fine vineyards scattered across the country. Usually named after their grape varieties, village or area of origin, these top tipples make the drop of the day. The most widespread is Tuscany’s Chianti, which you’ll never see in short supply

What to do?

Explore the ancient waterways of Venice!
Sample some of the best ice cream in Europe!
Stand where gladiators fought!