Sharm El-Sheikh

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Sharm El Sheikh, home to amazing sunshine, scuba diving, fancy boutiques and family fun!


Sharm is host to over 35 kilometres of coastline with apricot-coloured sand delicately into the beach. The read sea waters are warm and relaxing for your chill on the beach or what about the endless group of aqua parks ready for your family fun.


Sharm is a tourist hotspot and home to many return visitors who enjoy the sun and have a blast. Maybe you're next?

Local Time

GMT +2




Egyptian pound

Learn some local phrases

Hello (basic greeting) salaam ‘aleiku
Goodbye ma’a salaameh
How’s it going? akhbaarak eh?
Fine kwayyis, kullu tamaam
Everything’s good alHamdulillah
Excuse me! ba3d iznak (or iznik to a female)

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