Direct Debit

Set up a Direct Debit

With our pay monthly holidays, you can arrive at your dream destination after having spread the cost of your break in a way that suits your price range. Whether you’re jetting off on the family holiday of a lifetime, or if you’re planning a romantic break for two, we offer instalments with our helpful monthly Direct Debit payment plans to help get you there.

We’ve made booking our Zero Deposit holidays as simple as possible, so you’re only a few steps away from wall to wall sunshine with payments that suit you. Once you’ve gotten your heart set on one of our holidays, our direct debit scheme will take care of the rest. 

Setting up a direct debit with World Travel Lounge is really easy and simple and can be done in a matter of minutes after booking your perfect break. Our team of travel experts are always on hand should you need any guidance when arranging a direct debit, or on booking a pay monthly holiday, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Direct Debit  FAQ 

How can I pay my monthly holiday instalments?

Setting up a monthly Direct Debit plan is quick and easy - at the time of booking, our friendly travel consultant will talk you through all the balance payment options available to you. If you decide to pay your balance by Direct Debit you'll need to provide us with the bank account number and sort code of the account you'd like your payments to be taken from.


Can I have more than one Direct Debit on a booking?

Unfortunately not, if you wish to pay your holiday balance by Direct Debit the account must be in the lead passengers name.


How much does a repayment plan cost? 

Setting up the Direct Debit is completely free and there’s no interest to be paid either! The total amount of your repayment plan is calculated based upon the value of the holiday and the amount of the deposit you paid at the time of booking, this amount will then be divided over a number of months.


Can I pay any kind of holiday by Direct Debit?

You can choose to pay the vast majority of our holidays by our monthly Direct Debit plan- there are a few kinds of holidays such as UK breaks, some cruise lines, flight only, and any holiday that requires full payment at the time of booking are excluded. For full details please ask one of our friendly travel consultants. 


What do the credit checks involve when opting for a pay monthly holiday?

As this is a Direct Debit payment plan we won't carry out any kind of credit check. We simply set up a bank mandate between you and us to make sure that your holiday is paid off on time.


How long in advance do I need to book to use the pay monthly scheme?

Your booking must be made at least 6 months in advance of travelling if you would like to use our monthly Direct Debit payment plan.


Can I choose when I pay my last monthly instalment? 

To ensure that your holiday plans all run smoothly, World Travel Lounge will set a date by which the last payment should be made ahead of your departure date. We will inform you of this date at the time of booking and we’ll give you documentation which will allow you to keep a track of instalments.


How long do the payment plans run and can I choose how many instalments I’ll pay? 

Your holiday payment plan will begin on the day upon booking your break, until the balance due date that has been set by the tour operator. World Travel Lounge will calculate how many instalments you’ll pay depending on the value of your holiday, the remaining balance and the date that you’re due to travel.


Can I make interim payments when paying by Direct Debit?

We recommend that you DO NOT make any interim payments towards your holiday balance if you have an active Direct Debit on your booking- these payments may not be accounted towards your holiday and you may end up paying too much. 

If you are wanting to make an interim payment, please contact one of our team and they will help you with this. 


Can I change my Direct Debit?

Yes, you can make changes to the payment date, if you are wanting to do this please speak to one of our team who will assist you. Please remember that changing the payment date may change the amount of your monthly payments.

If you are wanting to make any other change to your Direct Debit we encourage you to speak to one of our team who will assist you further.


Can I take advantage of a low deposit and pay the balance by Direct Debit?

Yes you can. If you are booking a Tui holiday and opt to take the low deposit option you will need to pay your balance by Direct Debit. Please remember that if you are wanting to make any amendments to your holiday you will need to pay the full tour operator deposit which will be shown on the ‘Low Deposit Indemnity’ form issued at the time of booking.


If you have booked one of our ‘Zero Deposit’ holidays you will need to pay your balance by Direct Debit.