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Picture-perfect beaches, ancient sites and resorts that have it all – holidays to Mexico’s Caribbean Coast go above and beyond the call of duty.

Mexico’s Caribbean Coast gives holidaymakers exactly what they want. Along the Yucatan Peninsula, purpose-built resorts edge tropical beaches, jungle tours and diving opportunities are easy to come by, and watersports are out in force.


  • Beach lovers – think about Caribbean beach resorts and you’ll picture blonde sands and Sellotape-clear waters. Well, Cuba’s are in the same ball park. Varadero’s the big dog with its 20-kilometre-strong coast.  Head along the coast to Cayo Coco – an isle that plates up bare beaches, reefs and flamingo-filled lagoons.
  • History buffs – Cuba’s unique past means that there is much to learn and enjoy about its culture. A day trip to Havana is a must when visiting Cuba!
  • The entertainment – Music, singing, dancing, and incredible live shows can be found everywhere.

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Learn some local phrases

Phrase Translation
Hola Hello
¿Qué Tal? How Are You?
Bien Good
¿Cómo Te Llamas? What’s Your Name?
Gracias Thank You
¡Me Encantan Las Vacaciones De World Travel Lounge! I Love World Travel Lounge Holidays!

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